Looking Back: Denmark Trip

I’ve recently ticked off one of my lifelong goals; travelling abroad alone. Typically, I tend to take short vacations (2-3 days) throughout the year, and within the states. Winter 2017, however, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone for once and booked a plane ticket without any plans.

Smell ya later California

I purchased the tickets soon after an inspirational visit to CTN 2017. Four friends visited me during fall of 2017 with the intention of attending CTN as the main event. Three of them were from Denmark, and one from the great hat called Canada. In short, their visit was an incredible experience. We were able to share our thoughts on art, life and philosophy. I was able to meet a friend of mine who I had previously only known online for 7 years.

As a result of their visit, a spontaneous idea was born. Spending new years in Denmark. At this point in my life I had no idea what Denmark even really was, besides Germany’s hat (from an Californians perspective). Maybe visiting a country which has produced Aragorn and Mads Mikkelsen wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all. I pondered for a day or two, before buying tickets for a flight out on December 26, and to return January 10. If I can recall, at this point in November, I had no idea where I was going to stay, how to get around, and the only Danish word I knew was æble.

Everyone wears black in Denmark (including me!).

Fast forward to Christmas eve, I find out I will be attending a Danish birthday party on the same day of my arrival. I pick out the appropriate Korean popular music present and catch my flight the next day. After a total of 14 hours of flying, I arrive at Copenhagen Airport. Surprisingly enough, the impromptu plans fall into place and I meet up with a Danish friend shortly after. Despite being awake for about 22 hours (I’m cursed to never sleep on planes) we head to my friend’s sister’s birthday party.

On the way to the birthday party, held at a Cafe!

The part turned out to be a ludicrous amount of fun, with gift giving, vegan meal eating, and tons of tea drinking. In retrospect, I would have never done this in California as I am a bit of a shut in. I’m glad I stepped out of my comfort zone for once; how am I to judge an experience without first experiencing it. From this flash-point of the trip, I decided to just try whatever and go wherever.

Walking by a small farm with sheep.

The next few days were spent hanging around Copenhagen and the surrounding suburb. Some of the highlights included Royal Danish Arsenal Museum, which was small but had some awesome detailed exhibits, eating amazing smørrebrød (pickled herring is my new guilty pleasure), and enjoying warm drinks in the freezing cold. Central Copenhagen was where it seemed most of the population was at the time. I could describe it as a sea of fish, but with mostly blonde hair and black clothing (literally everyone wears black here).

Enjoying a pølse!

Eventually, the following day, my friend and I hopped on a bus to our final destination of the trip, Viborg. From the perspective of a Californian, I could only describe Viborg as a combination of suburb, farm, and down town, but all smooshed into a tiny city. Although small, I would say the city had tons of charm. Some of the moments I enjoyed were walking around the lake that resides near the city. The ducks swam in the lake even though it was it was frigid out. It turns out ducks have more resolve than I do (sorry for being a Californian. It snowed a few of the days as well, something I’ve missed since living in Virginia. New years in Denmark was loads of fun as well; I enjoyed the custom of drinking, seeing the Queen’s speech, and watching “Dinner for one” (which is somewhat of a new years ritual in Scandinavia apparently). The fireworks were awesome to boot!

The lake at sunset.

Most days though, were spent in my friends apartment, drawing, drinking, cooking, and sharing tales. For some, this may seem like the worst kind of vacation (some like to see as much as they can!), however for me it was the perfect pace. In Southern California, as a cubicle slave, life feels so rushed. You, spend an hour in the morning getting to work, to work a minimum of 8 hours, then another hour to get home. After work you have rush to run errands or complete the chores you have neglected. The pace is seemingly always ‘Go! Go! Go!’.

Where the hell is everyone?

In Viborg, I felt time slow down a bit; the limited availability of ‘things’ in general was quite nice. It almost seemingly gave a feeling of ‘enjoying what you have’. An aspect of minimalism I’m currently trying to employ in my life (I seriously need to stop buying things).

Walking down the street, Viborg edition; Where the hell is everyone part 2.

However, the moment I enjoyed the most (as cheesy as this sounds) was spending time with great friends. Growing up, I never had many friends; even now, I only hold a few close friends locally. I imagine if the internet had not existed I would probably  I think as I grow older, I begin to realize that the amount of friends I has dramatically increased (maintaining friendships is hard work!). However the friends I have now, are some of the best I ever had. These guys and gals who I have met on the internet, thanks for inviting me to Denmark, as it was amazing!

Farvel Denmark!




  • I think I was bitten by the travel bug.
  • Less is more!
  • Relax and take it slow.
  • Focus on yourself, its important.
  • You’re young, be a risk taker.


PS: I’m not a good writer but I am learning, this is one of the reasons for personal blog posts such as this. Please bear with me, they will improve!

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